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Global Service Center - Enterprise

The Global Cloud Xchange Global Service Centre (GSC) provides the centralised centre of excellence for Service Assurance and Service Delivery. The GSC provides Level 1 and Level 2 support to customers 24x7 and is located within the 134 acre DAKC facility in Navi Mumbai. It is purpose built supported by high levels of security, power and communications.

The GSC is supported by 9 local Customer Service Centres (CSC) located in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the USA. The CSC provides Project Management, Level 3 support and Design Authority for customer solutions.

The CSC house the Customer Operations Groups (COGs) who champion service excellence throughout the contract lifetime through Service Management, Change Management and Design Authority. COGs drive Service Assurance with direct links into the GSC for customer specific incidents.

Global Network Operations Center - Wholesale

Global Cloud Xchange takes and owns responsibility for all aspects of its network. This includes the specification, procurement and provisioning of all necessary equipment as well as the logical layer service delivery and testing.

Post-implementation, the network is monitored 24x7x365 by the Global Cloud Xchange Global Network Operations Centres. Our highly-trained network engineers employ a range of industry-leading tools to respond to, if not anticipate service-affecting events. Our goal is to fix problems before you know they exist!

Our comprehensive service support model provides customers complete confidence in the availability and performance of their networks so that they may focus their resources on managing their core businesses.